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WPAds, adserver for WordPress

A few days ago I wrote about rotating ads in WordPress and as I said I had found a couple of solutions, but as it usually happens I was not completely satisfied with any of them, so I decided to code my own plugin.

I have written a plugin called WPAds, that allows you to define the different positions (or zones) where you want to place your ads and then randomly rotates the banners you want in those zones.

I use adservers like phpAdsNew for a few projects, but the installation and learning process are way too much for the usual blogger that just wants to show some rotating ads, and that’s what WPAds is written for. Of course, the features of WPAds are nowhere close to those of a full adserver, but I think they should be enough for most bloggers (and if you need something else, just let me know and I’ll try to include it!)

If you want more information on WPAds just follow this link, I hope you like it and find it useful.


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Rotating ads in WordPress

Over the last few days I have been looking for some plugin that allows me to show ads in a WordPress blog (the installed version, not, which does not allow advertising). I found a post in Problogger that recommends AdRotator, a plugin that rotates different banners in each ad position you define. It’s fairly simple to use and install, you have to create a .txt file for each ad zone you want, and in that file you include all the banners you want, one banner per line (this requires reformatting most of the codes you need for each banner, as for example the Google AdSense javascript code). To show each banner, you just have to include a very small php code wherever in the templates.

Another plugin I found is AdSense Deluxe, which has an interface to edit the ads and they can also be easily inserted in posts or templates. Looks easier to use than AdRotator, but very focused on AdSense, I don’t know how it will work with other ad codes.

Do you know any other plugins for serving ads in WordPress?

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